code-challenges (4)

Cryptopals Set 4
Stream Crypto and Randomness
Cryptopals Set 3
Block & Stream Crypto
Cryptopals Set 2
Block Crypto
Cryptopals Set 1

in-silico (8)

Landing on the Red Puzzle
Collaging images from NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
Lessons learned along “The Way”
A tool to store, search and copy snippets of code from your terminal
(Un)natural Illustrations
GANshells and Botterflies
The Astrochelys Theme
a Pelican theme from non-web developers
Bilingual drills
Learn a language with org-drill and manythings
An Annotated Spacemacs
For an org-mode workflow
Cellular Automata
Variations on Life
a command-line tool to record, retrieve, search, and categorize quotes from books

mechatronics (6)

Amping up the single analog input of ESP8266 to 16
Using a CD74HC4067 multiplexer
All-in-one Watercolor Palette
3D-printed parametric palette
Assembling a 3D Printer
The Creality Ender 3 Pro
L298N with ESP8266
Driving a DC motor with Huzzah
A Rust Blue-Pill Setup