Landing on the Red Puzzle

Using our Python API for NASA’s Mars images to piece together collages, panoramas, and colored images of what Perseverance sees on the red planet.

Cryptopals Set 4

Set 4 of cryptopals! We are warned that people drop out after this set so let’s make the most of it.

Lessons learned along “The Way”

The Way is a command-line application to manage code snippets written in Rust. It supports fuzzy search, customizable syntax highlighting, tagging, and copying to clipboard. Here are some things I learned while making The Way, about Git, Travis, and publishing an application.

(Un)natural Illustrations

A weekend project to generate some old-style hand-drawn illustrations with StyleGAN and transfer learning

The Astrochelys Theme

A not-your-everyday org-mode file that tangles out into a complete Pelican theme. Written by people with not a lot of CSS/HTML know-how.

Bilingual drills

Automatically making language flash-cards for org-drill using a bilingual corpus from

An Annotated Spacemacs

An annotated and opinionated .spacemacs configuration file with just the stuff I actually use day to day.

Cryptopals Set 3

Finally, the 3rd installment of notes for the Cryptopals crypto challenges. It’s still incomplete but it’s been lying around for ages and I guess I can always come back and edit it.

Cellular Automata

Fiddling around with floating point cellular automata to make intricate patterns.

L298N with ESP8266

As you can see, the title is about the hardware, because that’s what defines what you are capable of in the physical world. It lets you imagine what you can achieve mechanically. However, the main focus of this post is instead about gluing components together to actually make them …


Making a CLI tool in Rust with all the best crates.

Cryptopals Set 2

Continuing the cryptopals crypto challenges with Set 2. Don’t read this unless you’re absolutely sure you don’t want to try them out yourself.

Cryptopals Set 1

We recently started working on the cryptopals crypto challenges in Python 3, coming in with zero cryptography knowledge. Here are some notes on our thought process while solving Set 1, along with our solutions. Don’t read this if you want to try them out too.